Treatments and Procedures

Select a specialism or procedure from the list below to find out more about medical travel to Mexico.

Weight Loss Surgery
The Angeles Health Weight Loss Surgery Center is part of Mexico's largest private hospital network and caters to hundreds of US and Canadian patients each year. Select a weight loss...
Functional Oncology - Cancer Treatment
Senior couple smiling
The Functional Oncology Program at Angeles Health is a cutting edge form of cancer treatment and represents a fundamental shift in the approach to allopathic treatment of the cancer...
CCSVI Treatment
Woman with a silk sheet flowing through the air
CCSVI treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an exciting new medical advancement and Angeles Health is proud to be at the forefront of offering this treatment in North America. These...
Dental Surgery
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Are you one of the 150 million Americans without dental insurance? Angeles Health's Dental Center offers affordable, quality solutions for all of your dental surgery needs. With the...
Orthopedic Surgery
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Angeles Health's world-class Orthopedic Surgery Program helps thousands of people every year to reclaim healthy, active lives. We treat congenital, age-induced and sports related...
Woman holding up her arms
Angeles Health's spinal expert Dr. Juan Dipp is an internationally trained surgeon whose ongoing education and participation in international seminars has taken him around the world as...
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Angeles Health treats medical travelers who suffer from coronary artery blockage with a number of advanced techniques including coronary artery bypass grafting, angioplasty and stents...
Vision Center
A human eye
The Angeles Health Vision Center consists of an outstanding group of surgeons and specialists. We offer the best alternative in refractive surgery (LASIK), supported with VIISX Star S4...
Cosmetic Surgery
Woman holding her face and smiling
Are you ready to make a change in your appearance? New minimally invasive surgery techniques have made cosmetic surgery a more common and widely accepted procedure for both men and...
General Surgery
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Angeles Health has many highly skilled general surgeons in the areas of internal medicine, OBS/GYNE, laparoscopic surgery and more.
Organ Transplant
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In the United States 19 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. The Angeles Health Organ Transplant program works with organ recipients of both North American and...
Fertility Treatment
baby on the beach
Angeles offers a high success rate, low prices and excellent patient care in a beautiful Mexican setting. The Angeles Health Fertility Center is part of Mexico's largest private...

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