Implant Anchored Denture

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If you are in a situation where most or all of your teeth need to be replaced, you may want to consider an Implant Anchored Denture. Implant Anchored Dentures combine the coverage of conventional dentures with the security of dental implants.

A full dental plate is attached to the implants using snap on technology, making the resulting teeth nearly as secure as natural teeth. The plates are easily removed for cleaning, which also allows you to take good care of your gums. There is no need for adhesives of any kind when wearing an Implant Anchored Denture. You will be able to eat and speak with confidence knowing that your teeth are locked securely into place.

Our Medical Travel Price:$8,760
Typical price in the USA: $25,000 – Save Over 65%!

Unlike the cheaper mini implants, which are performed in a day and typically last 3-5 years, your Implant Anchored Dentures will last 20 years, if properly cared for, giving you a lifetime of dental confidence.

Implant Anchored Dentures Costs and Packages

The dentures can be secured using 2 or 4 implants. It is usually recommended that the top (maxillary) jaw over denture is attached to as many implants as possible as the maxillary bone is softer than the lower jaw (mandibular) bone. If 2 implants are used on the top jaw, the upper plate will have a palette plate which goes over the roof of your mouth to add support.

Our package prices are fully inclusive and cover the initial dental consultation, office visits, Dentium implants, Zest Locator Abutments, temporary dental plate worn while your implant is healing, and your finished dental plate

We offer a range of options to suit your needs and your budget. Each package has a standard price, with an additional fee of $70 per tooth extraction if required. Any necessary bone grafting will be assessed during your initial consultation and will be conducted for an additional fee.

Option 1: Two Implants each for upper and lower

Over Denture secured to 2 full implants top & bottom $8,720

Panoramic X-ray to determine bone density and location of sinus floor for upper implants $40

TOTAL= $8,760 + extractions if needed

Option 2: Four Maxillary Implants, 2 Mandibular Implants

Upper Over Denture with 4 Implants $8,720

Lower Over Denture with 2 implants $4,360

Panoramic X-ray $40

TOTAL = $13,120 + necessary extractions

Option 3: Four Implants each for upper and lower

Over Denture secured to 4 full implants top & bottom $17,440

Panoramic X-ray $40

TOTAL = $17,480 + necessary extractions

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Last updated on July 16, 2016.

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