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Gastric bypass surgery with Mexico's largest private hospital network. You benefit from a US based case management team, years of experience of serving over 7,500 USA and Canadian patients, and treatment in a multi-disciplinary hospital with its modern facilities and World Class surgeons. Initially, gastric bypass was a radical surgery in which the patient's entire abdomen was opened up and the stomach and digestive tract completely rearranged.

In the past several decades, gastric bypass surgery has evolved into its current form, a far less invasive procedure performed laparoscopically, so there are fewer complications than with traditional open bypass surgery.

Our Medical Travel Price:

$25,000 - Save Over 55%!

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico, with Angeles Health
In a U.S. hospital gastric bypass surgery costs about $25,000, although prices can be much higher. Your estimated total treatment and travel costs for gastric bypass surgery at Angeles Health are approximately $10,950.
The price of surgery should of course not be the prime consideration in choosing where to have your gastric bypass procedure. Angeles Health features modern facilities and the newest technology. Our weight-loss surgery team is among the most experienced in the world. At Angeles Health patients work with expert physicians, nutritionists and nurses dedicated to making their experience as comfortable, supported and secure as possible.
Everyone at Angeles Health works to see that patients get the treatment necessary for surgical success and that they leave the hospital fully prepared to fulfill their long-term weight-loss goals. Other gastric bypass medical travel providers might be less expensive. However, Angeles Health provides gastric bypass medical travel patients with a fully equipped, state-of-the-art private hospital for this life changing treatment with all the benefits that entails, including the immediate, on-hand availability of specialty and emergency services that all surgical patients should expect from high quality medical travel: An on-site staff of cardiac anesthesiologists, internists and emergency/critical care services.
Typically, half of a gastric bypass patient's weight loss occurs in the first six months after surgery, with weight loss peaking at 18-24 months. Data indicates that gastric bypass is effective at improving and even curing a number of obesity-related co-morbidities, including adult onset diabetes (also called insulin resistant diabetes), hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, venous stasis disease, bladder incontinence, liver disease, certain types of headaches, heartburn, sleep apnea and many other disorders. Furthermore, gastric bypass results in more rapid, greater and sustained weight loss for many patients previously chronically obese, resulting in marked improvements in quality of life.

What's Included In Your Gastric Bypass Surgery Medical Travel Package

  • All pre-op & post-op testing
  • All surgeon & anesthesiologist fees
  • Dedicated US based case management before, during and after your trip
  • Hospital stay for 4 days depending on the doctor's post op evaluation with 1 night of hotel if needed
  • All nursing & hospital fees
  • Door-to-door ground transportation from San Diego Airport to the gated private hospital for the patient and companion.

Meet The Team

Dr. Lopez Corvala is considered to be among the top ten weight-loss surgeons in the world. He...
Dr. Valenzuela earned his medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and completed...
Dr. Hermosillo is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California in Tijuana. Post-...
"I have worked with 3,000 American bariatric patients. Learning how to understand the...

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