Dental Surgery

Are you one of the 150 million Americans without dental insurance?

Angeles Health's Dental Center offers affordable, quality solutions for all of your dental surgery needs. With the support and expertise of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, patients can effectively understand and manage all the challenges they face in getting the care they need while improving their smile.

Our state of the art Dental Center maintains the highest standards of hygiene, while offering the most advanced dental surgery procedures currently available.

Patients at Angeles Health receive the expert care of dentists, oral surgeons, nurses and hygienists, all dedicated to creating medical travel experiences that are as comfortable, supported and secure as they can be.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an effective surgical alternative to more traditional smile solutions such as dentures and...

Dental veneers are custom-designed shells of wafer-thin, tooth-colored ceramic material that a dentist bonds to the...

Dental crowns and bridges have been among the most widely used devices for cosmetically addressing broken, decayed,...

Smiling woman

The concept of a smile makeover can mean different things to different people. Referred to by its more technical...

If you are in a situation where most or all of your teeth need to be replaced, you may want to consider an Implant...

Meet The Team

Dr. Serecero is a certified Dental Surgeon. He earned his DDS degree from the University of...
Dr. Lopez is a graduate of Autonoma University of Sinaloa, Mexico. Additional training includes:...
Dr. Chacon earned her BS from the University of California at Irvine and completed her dental...
Dr. Alvarez graduated from Autonoma University of Sinaloa, Mexico. Ongoing education includes the...

Dental Surgery in Mexico

A great smile is a huge advantage for anyone. Having bright white, straight, attractive teeth can make you feel more confident and increase your self-esteem. You might find you are more comfortable in social situations and smile more often in the knowledge that your teeth look great. Photo opportunities may become less stressful as you enjoy your appearance and are less self-conscious.

With a smile makeover you can attend a consultation with Angeles Health and we can go though any areas for improvement together. Crooked, broken teeth, stains and gaps can be regulated through various dental surgery methods by our expert dental team. You may also like to opt for dental veneers, as part of your smile makeover or as an individual treatment, to align your teeth and give them a bright white appearance that goes beyond the results you can expect with teeth bleaching.

Dental implants and dental crowns and bridges are also available at Angeles Health in Mexico and are popular with patients from the US and Canada. These dental surgery treatments are great value for money and you will find in the different procedure pages that significant savings can be made by travelling to Mexico for dental surgery, without compromising the quality of your care.

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