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How to Start Your First Exercise Program

How to Start Your First Exercise Program

8 February 2016

It's impossible to overstate the importance of regular physical activity. Only your diet has a greater effect on your physical and mental health, and together these two factors determine your overall likelihood of gaining weight and developing weight-related health conditions. However, exercise doesn't come easily to everyone, especially those who already struggle with fatigue, immobility,…

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Did Your Favorite Celebrity Have Weight Loss Surgery

Did Your Favorite Celebrity Get Weight Loss Surgery?

24 January 2016

Obesity is a widespread problem that affects people of all ages, races, and income levels, including public figures who suffer under the glare of media scrutiny. Fortunately, there is a solution for obesity and the complications it causes. Bariatric surgery is safer and more effective than ever, and many high-profile people have benefited from its…

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The Hidden Cost of Childhood Obesity

The Hidden Costs of Childhood Obesity

18 January 2016

Childhood obesity is a health issue that affects many children. Its costs are many and include not only health related issues, but financial ones as well. Much effort has been put forth by medical professionals, scientists, government authorities, and individuals in fighting childhood obesity rates and improving health. One of the key ways to fight…

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10 Keys for Developing a Healthier Relationship With Food

24 December 2015

  For those struggling with obesity, one part of the struggle is often an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes, developing a better attitude towards food and eating before weight loss surgery can help you either avoid the need for surgery, or prepare yourself for greater success and long-term results afterwards. Learn to develop these ten…

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How To Know If You’re Covered By Weight Loss Surgery

18 December 2015

Thanks to precise technology and decades of research, modern bariatric surgery is safer and more effective than ever before. However, bariatric procedures are often very expensive too, especially with the current United States healthcare system. American patients may pay up to $24,000 for a gastric bypass, while their Canadian counterparts face an average bill of…

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The Financial Benefits of WLS

More Than Just Your Health: The Financial Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

11 December 2015

  Obesity is a physical condition, but it also takes a financial toll on you and society at large. Today in the United States, where obesity affects at least a third of all adults, the economic burden of excess weight is over $92,000 per person. If you're currently paying a premium for being overweight, you…

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Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery [Infographic]

2 December 2015

    Weight loss surgery is a huge life decision, and it's not one to be taken lightly. While the promise of weight loss is what causes many to turn to weight loss surgery, this surgery can also improve overall health, lower the risk of many diseases, and improve emotional health. Yet it's not a…

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Only 1% of Eligible People Are Getting this Treatment Option Dr. Oz Recommends

18 November 2015

Dr. Mehmet Oz recently asked his studio audience this show-stopping question during a taping of The Dr. Oz Show. If you struggle with obesity and related health complications, it might be time to ask yourself the same thing. So, what procedure was he describing? According to Dr. Oz, gastric bypass surgery is the life-changing – and…

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